Reliable and affordable online payment with your mobile.

If you come for the first time, you will receive 40 EXTRA FREE CREDITS.

Payswitch is an online credit-based payment method

The payment system with credits gives the flexibility to charge variable amounts for their content.

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Payswitch has no hidden costs when purchasing credits and always has a fixed value. The website determines how many credits you have to pay for the content offered. The advantage is that your account is based on your telephone number and is therefore your registration number at the same time. Every time you use the content offered, you will be informed via your telephone number what balance is available at that moment. In case of problems, you can contact our helpdesk by email or telephone.

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ATTENTION! Only valid for Dutch, Belgian, German, Spanish, USA and UK mobile numbers.
The phone number you enter is also your registration number.
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  1. Buy credits quickly & easily via Visa/Mastercard
  2. Description Payswitch + Pack + phone number
  3. Phone number is your registration number
  4. Flexible pricing per item
  5. Altijd balance info when you call
  6. Payswitch is available in NL, BE, DE, ES, CH, AT, UK & US